Nasir expressed his regret to the journalist

Nasir expressed his regret to the journalist

Nasir expressed his regret to the journalist

6 February 2023  Authorbaji22

Nasir Hossain is synonymous with criticism in Bangladesh cricket. It has been proved again, before the start of the ninth season of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). On the day of the unveiling of the trophy at Mirpur Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium, the Dhaka Dominators captain reacted negatively to a journalist's question. This time, however, he admitted his mistake.

The journalist's question was, "Last season you didn't get the team. Now you are back as the captain. How do you feel?" Before the question was finished, Nasir said, "Who are you brother? Are you a media person? Are you a journalist?" The video went viral. through social media. Later, this spinning all-rounder came under severe criticism from cricket lovers.

As cricket lovers were disappointed with Nasir's unprofessional comments, journalists also felt insulted. Several journalists of Bangladesh protested his response. According to them, such behavior is not at all desirable for a cricketer at the highest level. Nasir's past, on-field and off-field activities also come up.

Meanwhile, after the start of the BPL, Nasir showed the rhythm of the field wearing Dhaka's jersey. Leading the team from the front, he also got the man of the match award. Admitting his mistake at the press conference, Nasir said, "I am sincerely sorry. Actually, I don't been to Mirpur for a long time. So I don't know him (that journalist) personally. Please don't mind."

However, Nasir also gave a wrong answer that day. He was asked about the event. But when he answered, he pulled forward. He said he could not play next season due to injury. Nasir has also become a laughingstock on social media because of such a childish answer of Nasir. However, Nasir told the media that he wants to answer all discussions and criticism with a bat.

However, Nasir is still dreaming of returning to the national team. This bad boy of the country's cricket also told reporters that he wants to return to the national team to fulfill his wife Tamima's dream. Nasir's eyes are therefore on the BPL and the country's domestic cricket league. One of the best finishers of the country's cricket can once again knock on the door of the selectors if he plays well here.